A Day In The Life – Scene 2

Scene 2 As i float apon my prey, i feel the hot air arise from the body’s essence. My first taste of blood, troubled me in a scence of joyous aromas and tastes. Mabey it was my 100 years of rest i shared with my valvet coffin, or the intence build-up of my vauge determination… Continue reading A Day In The Life – Scene 2

Piercing Darkenss

Don’t hesitate to look inside yourself at your unforgivable heart. Black and cold so frozen still, which is so easily torn apart. Confusion itself destroys your desperate needs. Insanity is a razor which leaves your soud to bleed. To be so vulnerable towards death but you never shed a tear,


With the taste of blood from the last feeding still on my lips, I turn the stiff white body over and slit the neck, the person, unknowing and unseeing lets me run my tonge over the small trickle of blood, Standing up ,looking into the welcomeing darkness,with the breeze blowing through my dark black hair,… Continue reading Blood