Dream 2

This time the dream comes slowly, seeping and oozing into my mind. My eyes closing, weights pushing against the lids. My energy is slowly being washed away into the blackness. Little clawed fingers painfully caress my brain, lulling it into submission and as I give in my last touch of feeling is a throbbing, reminder… Continue reading Dream 2

False You

Drink from me, the wine,Eat from my heart, so sour,Flesh falls before your vine,Rose vine of eternal power,Dancing wishes vanish,Slipping through my hands,Failing love and to bannish,Void splashing on the sands,Bleeding holes of their pain,Iron thorns seal the creed,Wretched truth, pours from vein,Droplets form the sinful seed……………..

The Cost of Carma

The matter of karma came up earlier here, and it reminded me of something. I do not subscribe to the technical concept of karma, but I do believe in “what comes around, goes around.” A while back, I was thinking of the string of problems that have hounded me since junior high school, which have… Continue reading The Cost of Carma