For Pete’s Sake

Think of the word “atrocity”. You probably don’t know what it means, but it is a good way to describe the contents of this story. Go back. Back to the old west days. You’re probably thinking of gunfights, and cowboys, all that stuff. Well, everything has a darker side. Even cowboys had things that go… Continue reading For Pete’s Sake

no one else

The man had been whatching susan for 3 months straight he knew when she woke up, who she talked to at work every day he even knew when she had her period each month. He knew that she was a busy woman she had no time for men but one week was different.

Religious clashings with Vice Principal

I go to a uniformed, Catholic high school; and I’m an individual with no discernable religion. Those factors in themselves have posed several difficulties. However, the fact is that I’m an intelligent, friendly 15-year-old girl. I don’t discriminate religion openly in my school, I follow the dress code, and I do well in all my… Continue reading Religious clashings with Vice Principal