Shattered World

Broken promises, dreams shattered, never-ending sorrow, a train of lies follows. Unheard voices, slowly fading and dying, lost with no hope, forever crying. Helpless souls, crying out for help, trapped in a life, full of anger and pain. Happiness taken away, only to be replaced by hate. Darkness sets in, sealing one’s fate. Lost in… Continue reading Shattered World


i dont really know what to call this coz its not about 1 thing in particular. why is it that since i last came on this site(quite a while ago) everyone has become so bothered about what to label themselves as.the fact is,you dont need a label,you are who you are and whether how you… Continue reading uh,life??

which witch is witch?

Being just the sort to over analyze everything in sight, I came across an interesting concept while riding a certain train of thought. Blair Witch project, Heather and Mike are lost with out Josh or a map. While stressing about which way to follow the compass, Mike asks which was the wicked witch, the west… Continue reading which witch is witch?