Bruises and Blood part I

Razor Simons was perched on the window sill in his upstairs bedroom, finishing off the last of his cigarette. “Damn him. Why did he have to go and rat on me?” Razor asked himself as he stared out into the darkness. It was the middle of summer and even though he had his t shirt… Continue reading Bruises and Blood part I


i asked every1 who could possibly help me,about a situation girly’girly’girly’O and they all said the same thing,the future i hold can be, decided in 3 words or so either i let go…(or pull into me closer and closer but not 2 close) i do not wanna let go..(but pulling closer is something that iv… Continue reading Chance

The Faces Always Change: Part 2 (The Metamorphous)

Shelby confessed her dark secret to me and I couldn’t hate her, she even made me promise not to tell anyone about it, and, I did. I was in such shock, lied to for so long. Shelby told me that it had heppend months ago, before she knew how i felt about her and before… Continue reading The Faces Always Change: Part 2 (The Metamorphous)