The Passing of the Darkness

(POETRY SUBMISSION) THE PASSING OF THE DARKNESS The blade sings in this blasphemous hell It calls upon the Crone, upon her spell All that was once good and just will fall Death to all that lies within the sacred hall Haunted by nightmares, you will find no sleep Instead you will be frightened by the… Continue reading The Passing of the Darkness


With every passing week my life seemed to improve. The days were bright and sunny, people were always smiling and at night the moon shone like a silver coin on a peaceful urban landscape, streaming gently through my window. I always felt a certain closeness to the moon, because during the silent nights I would… Continue reading underworld

Day of Death

She knew they would come for her. Locked up inside, she dare not go outside. This Earth was not the place for her, she did not belong. She awaited the destructors of Earth. A winged whore, waiting to destroy all life for the benefit of Evil.