The other world-chapter one

Vampire It was a warm summer night. Jessica started walking down a dark, damp alley way. She felt a gentle tap on her shoulder. Turning around to find no one, she got the chills as a breeze blew through the alley. Turning back around to finish her walk, she unexecptly bumped into someone. She jumping… Continue reading The other world-chapter one

Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 14

Blood Dripping Roses Chapter 14 “What to know why Milord has been so angry lately?” Ebony looked up from her book at Canon who was dusting the room. “Isn’t that how he always is?” she asked. It had been a week in the Castle of Lord Vincent. But lately, Ebony had not seen much of… Continue reading Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 14

What is life?

What is life? I mean we all go walking around and take it for granted. If I was a vampire I would walk around hanting the night and feeding on those who wants to give up on life like me I want to give up on life because my dad is a fucken jerk he… Continue reading What is life?

Raphael: my teacher, my lover… a vampire

He hadn’t been there. She could barely see through the tears and wiped her eyes with the end of her scarf. He hadn’t been there. She raised her head and looked at the sky – dark and full of purple clouds, it was in the middle of the night … and cold. It was cold… Continue reading Raphael: my teacher, my lover… a vampire

“A Close Encounter”

The night is young and full of curiosity, in an alley you appear to be in, strolling along to your nightly duties, but you feel a great presence lurking close by, you feel other steps beneath your feet, you whip around, no one in sight, still you feel someone is there, you feel it breathing… Continue reading “A Close Encounter”

Deadly Apologies X

X – “Look, I have to go, I have some buisiness to take care of with Tashalyn.” said Organto. “What kind of buisiness?” Toby asked. “Truthfully, I must kill her, she must not live any longer.”