“I Do”

(It’s nice to see things up and running again! This post is obviously for Poetry. Thanks!) On the anniversary of his death She entered the living room Wearing her wedding dress The cat watched as she Watched herself Laughing Dancing Making small talk Lifting the veil She kissed the cat “I do” She sipped red… Continue reading “I Do”

My Beloved Night

Your call is powerful, Your Beauty Infinite Beneath your cloak of Witching-Hours I am Enshrouded, My Beloved Night You Sustain My Carnal Voracity and Tame the Beast within O’ My Beloved how would I survive if not by your Raven Empyream My Night My Beloved never leave me for I will surely Perish without your… Continue reading My Beloved Night

my own little hell

Several years have passed since I have last been in contact with anyone. Alone and remorseful for all of the wrong deeds I have committed I exist; society’s judgement has condemned me. I am full of guilt; a shallow puddle of water is all that consoles me. Nothing but the moon’s subtle reflection emanates from… Continue reading my own little hell

Feeder of Life

In the darkness. All alone. A forlorn shadow. To never be known. No emotion showing. On his apathetic face. The masochist this world created. A portrait of death’s embrace. Scars running down his arms. Like a seething fall from grace. Oblivious to the sorrow inside. Deep in his soul, pain doth reside. Eyes like tarnished… Continue reading Feeder of Life

You Then Me

You speak of meaning/justice/light, your blinded by your fear, for all i know is chaos, endless pleasure wrapped in the confinds of a body, waiting for it to crumble,turn to ash and release me again. This does not please me, and irony has no place in my soul, for one day i will die, accending/dropping… Continue reading You Then Me