Societally vexed

Society is a plague, it’s been said before… “the person is smart but the people are dumb”, conformity riddles the never ending agenda of daily life along with the violent but hushed death of free thought. The few keeping it alive are vastly outnumbered by modernized mindless zombies. The freedom of life, the only right… Continue reading Societally vexed


The sting of steel and the hiss of the blade is my only home I watch as my comrades are hacked to pieces and I laugh I know I will never go down, then, the blade comes for me And I listen as the blood leaves my body, someone is laughing


Pain, mixed emotion, and violence are watching me all at the same time, creating mental anomelies – by reason of the sky darkening. Allured deep into havens of sin, driven mad betwixt the real and the false, all nonsense now, transparent pollution burning my nasal passages – my last thought falling to this decaying ground…… Continue reading DISPLACEMENT 6