Though the night is black and cold Love’s ond story, pften told, Float’s in whispers thorugh the air. Stalwart youth and maiden fair Seal sweet vows of ardent passion With thier lips, in lover’s fashion. Restless, pale, a shape I see Hov’ring nigh; what may it be? ‘Tis a charger; white as snow, Pacing slowly… Continue reading THE VAMPYRE (STRIGOIUL) PT.2

Deadly love (death)

::snip, snip:: the scissor moves slowly across the paper, as she cuts out the eyes, nose, and lips out of the face in the magazine. “Too perfect” she whispers. Her magazines are all cut out, so you can’t see the faces of any of the models. “If I can’t be like that, niether can they!”… Continue reading Deadly love (death)

She Said Nothing

She wanted to kill herself. She had, right now, wanted to kill herself more than she had wanted anything else in the world. She said nothing. Above her, the boy gyrated, blindly pumping himself into her, his ministrations so intense that she was almost breathless from the pain. He fucked her, indiscriminately, desperately, mumbling to… Continue reading She Said Nothing

My release

The anger pours out of me. Red, liquid life. Pleasure/pain making the world dissapear. Pools on the floor shining like the sun. It drowns me with its silky hands And whispers with its evil voice. It knows it’s gotten the better of me And I’ve given up. Is this release?