The First Day Of Highschool!!! HELP!!!

I’m a goth and have gone to a private school my whole life. Well In about a month I will walk through the doors of an unknown world to me, Highschool. I dont know anyone that goes there. I dont even know other goths. In my old school I was the only “freak” or whatever… Continue reading The First Day Of Highschool!!! HELP!!!

Save me

Why is it that the pain that I feel is visable to you?My whole life I have been suffering, but every-one surrounding me is blind.How can you see it?I was sure you would taunt me, just like these demons do as they plauge my mind, I thought you’d hurt me for being weak.He dose!He beats… Continue reading Save me

a day in the life of lizz i

I get home and dad’s already gone out, to the pub probably, or to the off-licence. It’s not unusual, he’s normally pretty drunk by lunchtime anyway. Doesn’t bother me, if he wants to do it then that’s fine. I mean I’m not really any different with taking drugs. My father is the one person I… Continue reading a day in the life of lizz i