No one understands what its like *True vampire story *

No one understands what its really like. What its really like to be a Vampire. I’ve read books, lots of books and seen a multitude of movies. Its all the same – vampires are immortal, they kill, they hunt, they have long, long teeth and of course, they fly, sleep in coffins and the sun… Continue reading No one understands what its like *True vampire story *


Every day I carve your name, Into my skin with a knife. I save the blood, in a jar, And give it to you in suprise. You called me sick, You called me a witch, What have I ever done to you? So what if I like to show my love, With a knife to… Continue reading Carvings.


I need help i dont know what to do ever since i became a goth all my friends look at me diffrent… they all think there batter then me and i hate it they make fun off me and stuff like that there are only 4 or 5 that dont and my girlfriend witch i… Continue reading Help!?

Higher God Falls

Overtaken, High Above Evil Witch, Controlled his mind Spell too powerful, lost his mind She made him Human, found a gun and pull the trigger Thought he will go to heaven, Falling into hell Stupid Standards he made, forever in hell he’ll lay.