With every passing week my life seemed to improve. The days were bright and sunny, people were always smiling and at night the moon shone like a silver coin on a peaceful urban landscape, streaming gently through my window. I always felt a certain closeness to the moon, because during the silent nights I would… Continue reading underworld

Very Worried

I know I shouldn’t be like this, but at the same time I can’t help being like this. Something has changed to cause me to be this way, just because of the way I have lived this life so far and come to this way. And so I worry about the friend I can no… Continue reading Very Worried

(vampire)Deadly Apologies IV

IV- Averick’s and Rykas’s eyes met. Rykas was speechless, she stood there with her mouth dropped, she didn’t even realize it was open. “Is that a good speechless, or a bad one?” questioned Averick. Rykas ran up and hugged Averick as tight as possible. Organto answered “I am almost certain that is a good speechless.”… Continue reading (vampire)Deadly Apologies IV

Tears of Fire

Hey Daddy, it’s me again. I miss my world. What the hell happened….everything was so perfect between us….and then it all changed. I just wasn’t good enough for you…no matter what I did it made no difference. I tried so hard to be perfect, to please you was my only desire. I miss my life.