Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 7

-“That bit of information doesn’t help any. How is it you guys are able to get away with something like this? I mean an island that you described to me doesn’t seem like something everyone would over look. Somebody had have said something about it. I mean an island with large castle on it seems… Continue reading Blood Dripping Roses***Chapter 7

untaimed realities and betraid trusts

the teenage mind is an uncharted thing, the secrets we share, the people who betray our trusts, We were out on a monday night, and a friend of mine has trusted her sister until that night. sneeking out, enjoying ourselves alittle too much, not a worry in the world. The next day we thaught we… Continue reading untaimed realities and betraid trusts

I Am

I am dark and disturbed I wonder why I am here I hear blood curdling screams I see people being tortured I want to see people hurt and cry out for help I am dark and disturbed I pretend to be happy I feel alone I touch the axe blade I worry about nothing I… Continue reading I Am


It hurts to much to be here I swear .. im dying sitting here shame my cuts arnt deep enough to kill me i want that blade that’ll slice through my leg with no pressure