infinite eternal eyes

the deepest of wounds anointed with lies grow infectious with madness while shedding their eyes as the tainted untamable tyrant tides rise seething sobriety rotting the mind soothing assuring sincerity lies untying all ties for unsoiling demise defiling all live by denying the wise superseding sanity infinite eternal eyes

lost love

I had you once but I lost you twice. I watch you from a distance and sulk in my own misery. I wander if I am missed by you as well. I bleed alone by my wounds but they will heal and my heart will not. I cant help the way I feel but I… Continue reading lost love

Broken Thoughts

Vision fades into the night, a gunshot of murderous thoughtsof reality wounds revealed.Thunderous hatred screamsas execution feels burnon soft-surfaced skin. Acidic melting shame,disconnective mindless cares,empty esteem of unfounded hope,rip apart the injected veinsthrough serial killing ways. Everything seems of disbelief,choked upon unreal faith.Unforgotten remembrance heldwithin hourly sadden frowns.Morals undone of what becomestaken away by familiar… Continue reading Broken Thoughts