A Memory from a Soulless Body

Nobody knows what it’s like to live without a soul To be floating in cold water barely high enough to breathe With a brain half full and emotions half empty Where every thought is forced and no longer free When every day you live is a blessing Not because of the chance of death but… Continue reading A Memory from a Soulless Body


Foretold, cosmic shadows fell unnoticed in your eyes in my tears For the nothingness that overwhelms stabs us silently… gently… making blood more luminous than the sun.

Tourtured Soul

I walk around like a zombie. The meds aren’t working. I still hear the evil voices pounding in my head. I see things, it is horrible. I love only one, but she rejects me. I can no longer swim in this black river, floating like Ophelia. I don’t know how much longer I can hang… Continue reading Tourtured Soul

Chemical Prison Bars

Once more ive been offered help, this time in a little cream & green pill called Prozac…..So im taking it.I think the only reason they give us this is so we have something to OD on. All it does is supress the real me and replace it with some zombie like character that is far… Continue reading Chemical Prison Bars