corruption d’enfer

A ruthless grin entices me, Up, over and within. They’re inviting me to their party And I’m allowed to stroll right in. Because around here I am special, Around here I am known. My sick and twisted mind and body Are embossed on everything they own. There is alcohol in the corner. Drugs fill several… Continue reading corruption d’enfer

Day of Death

She knew they would come for her. Locked up inside, she dare not go outside. This Earth was not the place for her, she did not belong. She awaited the destructors of Earth. A winged whore, waiting to destroy all life for the benefit of Evil.

The dawn of the vampire.

The beautiful glittering gold ball hit at the last second, and the band started to play. From the flat screened tv, you could almost see every bulb. She turned the tv off, and it was suddenly very dark. “Happy New Year baby.” She said, with almost a tinge of melancholy in her voice. I smiled,… Continue reading The dawn of the vampire.