Tainted Past (Poem)

Can you heal this tattered heart
That burns with so much pain
Or would you rather watch me
As I scream out in vain

I hear your cold, harsh laughing voice
And to you its all a game
But you don’t realize
This game you play
It brings me so much pain

Tears fill my eyes every night
Thinking of the day
As I feel my lonesome soul inside
It is starting to decay

You brought me to a place
That makes me weak and displaced
You brought me to a place
That is filled with hatred and disgrace

You make me want to cry
And wish death was near
So I take a deep breath in
And I shed another tear

For tomorrow is another day
That I not alone fear
So when you see somebody cry
Go to them and hold them dear

Take them from this horrid place
That haunts me day and night
For they may still have a chance to live
They may not lose this fight

For me the end has come and gone
And is now in my tainted past
For I have made it through
I have finally made it at last!