tears for the sloth

look to me to save you, your eyes caked with wasted time

your cries heard as anger to ears, you want the world but will not lift a finger

your complaints are moonshine, too strong to take

such a fool martyr you are, words of thunder but actions of paper

you cause a stirring in me, a vision of the majorities of this wasteland

act upon your wishes i cast down, you go on telling me how the world should be run

your words of blasphemy, your ignorance,tell me again how YOU would run the world, or how YOUR ideas will save us all,nothing will ever suit you

but god forbid you reach for what you want,

so watch me console you, never

i cringe, here is my tear for you, a tear for all you will never fucking be, here are my tears for the sloth

in the form of a middle finger