Tears of Pain

In my head

These words wont go away

So many things I want to say

Though its time for my way

You say it will be ok

I say it wont be that way

Return to me death

Screaming pain, flowing torment

I lay here on the floor

Scarlet everywhere

Crying here, torn apart

Emotions raging, bleeding heart

To many bad memories to cart

I gave up everything

To be in your heart

You gave me shit and ripped me apart

I’ve had enough, its time to go

Leave me alone

And be with your hoe

Rip her apart

Like you did me

Stop hitting me, it burns

Lying here

Silver object pointing near

Last breath so dear

look what you did, not much to fear

I’m close my eyes

Hope for the best

And not a bunch of lies

I point it to my chest, red flows

You could of guess

I am gone because of you

And finally hate you less

By DarknessAngelTad

Is a punk Gothic. That lives on the edge of Heaven. She is the Angel of destruction and war, along with being the angel of light and peace. She has been so close to killing herself many times. She was excelled from Heaven though for loveing a mortal and gaing emotions. She was turned into a mortal, sent to school, and she has been that boys girlfriend for a while. She is just strating though to find out that she is a Angel because of her super natural powers she seems to have.