Tears of Sorrow

Bitterness that has been forever buried deep in these walls,
Not knowing what to say or when I shall fall-
Burning flames that lick old wounds,
Hatred and resentment in these catacombs entombed.

Unshed tears hide this sorrow,
She doesn’t wish to live tomorrow-
Runaway across the lands,
To fairest oceans with whitest sands.

A life of such misery held in my heart,
Irritable aggravation blinding her way through tears.
She just wants to be alone, indifferent and apart-
A mystery not one with their worries and fears.

I needs time for reason,
In these state of mind so cruelly unsincere,
The turbulance of life rippling her thoughts-
So many night mares in her dreams she has fought.

Aching heartache felt in her soul-
While pools of sadness drown hollow screams.
Surrounding masses in this abyss so serene-
Seems I shall always hear the lone lark sing.

Yet for so many others it is certain,
That fire will touch black skies once more-
Will the meaning to my night mares ever unfold?
Or be hidden away, locked in these dreams untold?

By SandsOfTime