Teenage fuck-up

It doesn’t take much If you try hard enough Maybe you want to escape the hard stuff Or maybe you’re a fuck-up Each day is welcomed by fresh blood From self-mutilation that helps you survive Everyday you wish you would die Because you’re a fuck-up You blot off the blood And eventually stop the flow Pray to the Devil there’s no tomorrow That harbours a fuck-up School drags by with stares and torment Without a friend in the universe Fuck, it’ll only get worse For a fuck-up You trudge home, feeling like shit The day sucked-nothing new And nothing seems happy to you Cause you’re a fuck-up Negitive thoughts race through your head Fuck-up, fuck-up The day is done, more blood is shed Fuck-up, fuck-up And the blood washes away the pain Fuck-up, fuck-up You wish you were fucking dead Fuck-up, fuck-up And tomorrow will be the same Fuck up, I’m a fuck-up Fucked-up, and harbouring more pain

By SuicidalAndHopeless

A-N-A-R-C-H-Y My name is Captain Anarchy, and I'll be here till you die. My name is Captain Anarchy, I'm so punk I'm a poseur and I'll be one till I die. WE'RE LOOKING TO START A REVOLUTION, A NEW KIND OF ARMY, BECAUSE WE'RE TOO SMART TO FIGHT, TOO SMART