Terrible Fear but

Today i bleed with blood unspilt.I pray to feed on thoese whom have no guilt.Bring the joy of all your good down and place on me a smerk and a frown,i need no sympathy just a knife and my axe to bring with me.Alone in this darkness i am found,still screaming your name while the world turns round,
once again ive been cheated out of love,my helly love sent from above….above my crystal ball suffering in this death filled hall i sit in this corner as i watch you fall.Memories shred through my mind i could have never found what was so hard to find,but now im caughing up blood and my eyes twitch and water while i sing a silent song of the worst thats not so much odder.Remember you struck the imposeable pose while the world just stuck up its nose im hurt so much but my anger still
flows just like the moon lite glows while the wind blows.Its all
unheard but all you have to do is say the word and nothing else matters its all so upserd.Up rooted and under stormed my
axe swings down to command the hoard it seems so exciteing but im still so bored with out you at my side i feel so ignored.
Blind but still i see everything even now more clearly that the
whole world is on the otherside should i run away go find
some place to hide,NO i will not run away i stay here and fight for my right to grave and play the darkest corners while shatter once nite turns to day and slowly mutate and become a better part of it all that you can hate,could you try to relate but of corse you couldnt not that you wouldnt its just that all knowing all but you shouldnt it wouldnt matter if you did the closes that theyve come is just to cry but they lie they didnt even really try but theyll soon see how my axe can fly then theyll know what its like to die,i would die with no regreats spred no rumors give no threats just know that even though im gone and out of site im still……..gonna be alright.

By ThorinTheLost

HehheH AnD YoU WaNnA KnOw WhY i KiLL PeOpLe