Thank Heaven for Long Sleeves

My best friend and I began cutting ourselves for fun. It was a blast! One night we stole my dad’s booze and scalpel (he’s a doctor see) and we tatooed ourselves. We took it in turns. It is so blissful because you don’t even fell it at first. You run the balde over your arm and it’s like nothing happens… until you see the blood oozing. The scars are beautiful the next day. And for some reason we feel good about ourselves. It’s a drug. When the wound begins to sting you just pour warm water on it and I swear it’s… sweet. Like someone rubbing your brests. Yeah, that’s it. Like someone gently caressing your nipples.
I don’t know why everyone else does it, I don’t know if it’s the same for everybody. But for me it is the epitome of pleasure. It cures restlessness ans stress and sadness.
Thank heaven for long sleeves.

By j1z1

I must act normal. I must act normal. I must act... ooh! FLYING MONKEYS!... normal.