That beautiful girl

Why are we so fragile
And together weaving a pattern so brittle
That artful sensation of timid strength
I feel it in my body

And see it in my sleep
When you come around
Allow yourself to be embraced
By this fortftied emotion

For love and life
For now and this only time
Why do you escape me in my wakefulness
And leave me with the fabric so weak
And this fire eternal burns away at me
When you turn around a leave me
No more familiar
But only in shambles
Until I rest again to have you visit
Token dream of mine that you are

By spawnboy

I miss my boyhood, my manhood seems so much like everyone else's. Some tell me I'm lucky to have what I have. i tell them they're lucky to not have what I have. Namely, a head that doesn't stop tormenting me. " i wish I didn't know now, what I didn't