That Quaint Shallow Grave

THis is a poem i hop to be posted under darkness poems!

That quaint shallow grave,
Giftwrapped in withered flowers, decades dead,
Who are these strange mourners with bloodied hands?
Each glaring eye like a clouded shining moon.

That quaint shallow grave,
Carnally smeared with intense desperate reaches for love,
Or how “love” is interpreted by those hybrid gentlemen,
Each moistened smile gleaming with black red rage.

That rain ruined head stone reads a tragic little tale
Above that quaint shallow grave,
That man melted epitaph speaks of lost spoken love,
A story simply ended with a quaint shallow wave.

By Intentional Pain

6'2 Med build big arms, big hands brown eyes long black hair 10 piercings (tongue, labret, eyebrow (2), ears (6)). Dressed in Black from head to boot! What else.....hmmm?