the ache

But I am just buying it, delusional device may have become after long time of charmed reality. the howl it claims its needs for blood, beyond the night and its cooled breeze, the moons cry at all. Greened eyes drop way of healing, perhaps around the shade in the shadows reflect the true vainest thoughts about its existence. Dried mercury behind the wounds will bleed in wealth. Choose a hunt and Find anything useful at the moment, foxed window the sake would be running away, the tools and some tables lead into the nap within the spider´s web. View under a stone, between the two doors, care and beloved but still together for an end. Homogeny looks have no name, some words describe the screen forced to accept as usual for life, dicing at the light try to touch skies. Deuced and corrupted the fucked void into the dive, the wet skins of its paws makes hard to walk the woods, where appreciate the actual beauty of the natural state of mind, place where they come as one so just find a way out in closure. Drift overwhelmed before get in too deep with no conscience, and I hate you, hate yourself, what is screwed after the beast is gone but on We arrive the heartless man, no longer mock dreams, bid trees but absolutely no roots, croons inside the only fund when roots begs beginning is end. Soon as the shine flat talk wisher vanish, bet live on money the field, issued autopsy wrong lanes, always become nothing to sleeves chains. Strangely hungered placed string, go the lazed yards graves on clawed dooms, funneled pockets spoil the factor death, troubled oh dislikes, poser closed stick, wicked over rinds, racked by soil weakness, roared hours on the rushed things roams, relevance remains early basic realms, loops insect ketch, murdered, factored undone… morose memory angered dissenter , empty chasm milk.

By Freaker Girl

i wish i die young so i dont have to stand this shit for long time