The Bathroom (true story)

Is it just me or did we somehow always end up alone? I just wanted to take a bath…Why did you have to bother me? huh! Fuk Man…So I write this story…to tell a tale,to release a file from this overloaded database in my mind.So it begins…a tale another saga another chapter…

The Bathroom

It was a lazy spring evening and the air was blowing nicely thru the window above the porclin tub.It had been a rather good day…well as good as school could go for a misfit anyway.I had decided to get away and relax in a nice warm bubble bath.I started my bathing ritual, stripping myself bare and releasing my long blond hair from its pony tail.
Staring at myself nude in the mirror for a few moments…One of my odd habits that has never seemed to pass.Then moving on to grab the Mr.Bubble out of the cabinet.I turned on the water letting it get warm before putting the plug in.After dipping my toe in and deciding it was the right tempature I poured some bubbles in,
stirring them up with my toe when the door knob begin to jiggle.It hit me,I forgot to lock the door.Of all the things I forget I had to forget my first line of protection.Protection from the beast.

My heart pounded as I sprinted for the lock on the door.I slammed myself up against the door.I could feel his weight on the other side.My body weight wasn’t enough to keep him from prying in.He slammed against the door screaming obcenitys.The force knocked me backwards as the door flung open.I crawled backwards watching him fumble with the lock as I scrambled to find a towel to cover myself with.I managed to find a towel as he towered over me laughing.My mind was racing and my heart was pounding in my chest.I prayed to god just not tonight please god not tonight.

Deep inside I knew what was about to happen.I hoped it wouldn’t but I knew it was coming.He told me to stand up and take off the towel.I scuttled to the corner clutching the towel to my chest shaking my head.I kept telling myself I wasn’t going to give in this time.I was going to be strong.He told me again this time in a firmer voice to take off the towel and stand up.Once again I refused and this time he became angry.He grabbed me by my wrists and pulled me up to my feet.The towel fell as I struggled against his grasp.But it was no use he was twice the size of me.He pulled me up and kissed me.I just kept trying to pull away.He kept kissing me moving down my neck towards my chest.Then he began to strip himself he took off his shirt and then he told me to unbuckle his pants.I cryed and begged him to please stop that I didnt want to.But he didnt listen,He grabbed the back of my head and forced me forward towards his pants.I was crying but I obedintly begin to unbutton his pants,I could feel his cock trying to get loose.I unzipped his pants the rest of the way and sat back on my knees waiting for what I knew was about to come next.

I begin to zone out trying my best to think of other things.Baseball,Hockey,Basketball,Riding my Bike,Climbing a tree.
My mind was racing I was trying to find a thought any thought that would let me go.Just let me zone out and forget.Anything to escape…I slowed down my breathing and just tryed to relax.
Then what I was afraid was going to happen did.He grabbed the back of my head and begin to caress my hair.I clenched my jaw as tight as I could.He moved my head forward guiding it from behind.I could feel his cock in front of me.I refused to open my eyes or my mouth.I just kept telling myself it will all go away.Its ok…He told me to open my mouth.I clenched my jaw tighter.
“Put it in your mouth Now!.” He said, and pulled my head towards him. I slowly opened my mouth wide, and his cock slipped between my lips. I flicked my tongue across the tip as his cock strained against my lips stretching them wide. I could taste his pre cum, as I sat there in front of him, sucking and slurping at his cock.The taste made me nausea.He guided me with his hand on the back of my head.Making me go faster and faster.I kept gagging and he found this rather amusing.”You like that don’t you?” he told me.I wanted to bite down on him so bad but I was terrified.

After a mintue I could feel his body tensing up and I knew he was about to shoot his load in my mouth.This was the part that I hated the most.He always made me swallow and the taste made me sick to my stomach.But luckly he stopped before cumming and pulled out of my mouth.I sat back coughing.I spit on the floor try to get that taste out of my mouth.He just turned his back to me and stood there for a mintue.I sat there looking up at him just hoping it was over and that he was going to leave.But he just stood there.Finally after what seemed like forever he turned back around and told me to bend over and put my hands on the side of the tub.I sat there stunned.I kept thinking what in the world was he going to do to me now.He repeated himself again and this time.I slowly cooperated.I stood up bent over and put my hands on the edge of the tub.He came up behind me and spread my legs. So I was in sumwhat of a police search postion only bent over at the waist more.

He jammed 2 fingers in my pussy and begin to finger me.I just silently cryed.He continued to finger me and then he fingers pulled out of my pussy, and moved there way up a bit to my ass. I tried pulling back but was held motionless. A finger pushed it’s way into my ass and I cried out. It hurt quite a bit as another finger joined the first and started pumping their way in & out. My screams of pain Intwined with my tears.The pain was incredibly intense.After what seemed like forever his amusement dwindled and he moved his attention else where.

I silently cried waiting for what was about to come next.My palms
were sweaty and slipping on the side of the tub.It was hard for me to
keep my grip.I stood up and wiped them on my naked thighs.He yelled at me for moving and told me to get back in postion.I did exactly as I was told returning to my orginal stance.I felt him come up behind me and grab my ass.He postioned his self behind me and slid his cock into my pussy.I cried and squirmed.His cock was in me so deep, my full weight supported by his cock and his hands on my ass. He pulled back, and slammed his cock up into me. He did this again, and then got his rhythm going. He was fucking me harder then I’d ever been fucked. I was screaming out loud, it was agony. I could feel his fingers searching for my asshole as he pounded his cock up into me. His fingers found there mark and one slid up my tight ass quickly joined by another.I screamed in pain still being tender from the earlier fingering. “You know you love it” he said. He pulled me off his cock and grabbed my hair and dragged me to the bedroom.

He threw me down on the bed and kissed me all over.Then he flipped me over on my stomach and grabbed me by the waist and pulled me towards him.I clawed at the bedsheets as I tried to pull away but it was no use he was to strong for me.His hands roamed and fondled my ass, and then SMACK! I screamed. He laughed just a bit, and then slapped my ass again. I tried to pull away, but he had me pinned between him and the bed.He Pushed my legs apart with his knees, and thrust his cock into my ass. The pain was excruciating and I bucked and tried to move forward, but he held firmly to my waist and kept slamming me against him. I screamed out in pain and begged for him to stop but the more I pleaded the harder he fucked me.He kept laughing as he thrust into me,taking what little innocence I had left away from me.

He finally finished and left me lying on the bed curled up in a little ball weeping silently to myself.When I finally managed to get the strength to move.I slowly walked back to the bathroom.
Making sure I locked the door behind me.I reran my bath water and got in.It was hard to sit down.I scrubbed myself throughly trying to get his stench off of me.As I scrubbed myself I cryed and I thought to myself I will never ever forget to lock that door again.