The Begining of the End- Part I

Beginning of the End

Part I- Loss of Innocence

By MidnightRaven

Even in death he was the epitome of beauty. In life he was irresistible, and now, as he lay on the cold ground, I could not help but reach out and stroke is soft, pale face. He looked peaceful there, completely unaware of the harsh surroundings or even his own death. For a moment I forgot that he had even left me. I waited a moment for his eyes to open, to look up at me and tell me that he loved me. I stared at him for a long moment. I could feel those eyes burning into me through the tightly closed lids. They were the color of the purest ice, but held a fire stronger than all of Hell’s fury. Reality took hold though and I remembered what had happened, what I had done to him. With a trembling hand, I wiped the last of his blood from my lips and sat back against the wall of the building. I closed my eyes and waited for the memories to come pouring into me as they always did.

I had known that this would be David’s fate even since we first met. He had been a thin boy at the tender age of thirteen then. I had never really paid any attention to him then, figuring he was just another child in the neighborhood. I was still one of his kind then, not yet turned. Something told me to stay away from him when we were young. I knew deep inside that he would be hurt because of me someday. If I had taken my intuition seriously, then maybe he could have been spared. Our parents had tried to get the two of us to be friends, but could only establish a few play dates. I wish now that even those had not been successful. Life in the rural area of Poway California was peaceful, yet I was filled with unrest. My mother always told me to pay attention to my inner being. Her magikal teachings and Wiccan upbringing gave me a feeling of supernatural auras. While most children were reading Dr. Suess, I was reading from The Book of Shadows. I was never normal then, and I suppose I still am on the odd side.

In 1997 we moved out of the sleepy community and into the busy streets of downtown San Diego. The culture shock was almost too much for my young eyes. I was 17 by then, and my education of the world was rapidly increasing. I saw shoplifting by day, and murders by night. The danger frightened me, but I could feel myself enticed by it as well. I would walk around the Gaslamp by night, thinking of my old life in Poway. It was then that my life changed forever.

I was at the corner of 4th and “B” when he first saw me. I felt his presence but ignored it, the first of my deadly mistakes that night. I quickened my pace and lifted my head, scouring the streets for the source of my tension. Suddenly, my mind’s eye became clouded and I felt a heavy presence. I turned to see him standing there, a pale figure against the dirty black streets. His blue-black hair glistened in the moonlight, and the red glow of his freshly lit cigarette gave his face an eerie fiery light. He reached out his hand and although I fought it, I felt my feet move towards him…

Part II To Be Continued