The birth of a painslut

You ruined everything that meant anything to me. You tried to critisize and analyse until nothing was left. Before I was tainted by you, I had a future. Now all I have is enough pain, anger, and resentment to make Freud piss in his pants. Yeah. you fucked my up pretty good. The rest of them tried. First my ‘friends’. but I saw through their schemes very quickly. Then the teachers who.. “saw promise, but no effort to attain it”. Then I found you. And you tore down my walls I had soo carefully constructed around myself.. and sent them crumbling around my deaf ears. I owe it all to you. You helped me find the comfort in the pain… delivered in the form of a thin, black, patent leather belt. And the many toys and tools that followed. And I wept for the first time.. in happiness, instead of despair or sadness. I found my true passion then. Thankyou.. Master.