The birthday present

As a few of you may have gatherd from my posts, my birthday just passed. The events of the last few days have been just too unsual not to share, so I thought I would bring it here.

It all started on the 8th of January, the before my birthday. I had to work my usual shift of 5pm to close, like I did 6 days a week. I was still getting ready for work when A. showed up on my porch. He was looking for H., they were supposed to go to the bank so she could give him rent money.

She hadn’t been at the hallowed halls of our alma mater, so he asked me if I could help him find her. He was acting fairly normal at the time. He asked if he could take me to work, even though he had to be at his placer of employ at four.

So he’s late to work because we had to find her, and he had to take me in. I’m early, as usual. It looked to be a fairly normal night, window 5-8 main 8-11, clean lobby. But no one came in after eight and I was going to get out of there early.

So then I get the call. It was H. “A wants to pick you up from work, when will you get done?” so I told her and talked to him.

I ended up at his place around 15 till 12. We ended up doing a few things that we hadnt in awhile. No surprize. Thats whats happend every time he shows up in my life.

He was behaving a little strangly by this time. He kept asking me when he had to be at work, and if I had to. He kept forgetting things. On the way back to my house he had to ask me for directions. I found out from my mother that he’d told her I was living with him. I haven’t moved out of her house yet.

This pissed me off. I spent the rest of the day tring to get ahold of him so I could find out whats going on. I finaly got his mooom this morning, and he’d had a break down at work, and been rushed to the er.

I’m not mad at him any more. I don’t know what his condition is, but this time I’m going to ask him. I can’t help but feel that this time; the break down was my fault.

Does this make me odd? I love this guy always have always will.

would have written this better but I have to go in a half hour.

By Nevar

i am me...and only with it.


  1. I would simply like to say that the breakdown couldn’t have been your fault cos to breakdown one must be under an enourmous amount of stress and that is very hard for one person to put on another so it is more likely that quite a few things in his life caused it rather than just you yourself..

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