The Black Dog

There used to be two farmers. As we all know farmers live like 20 miles apart even if they are neighbors. So even though the farmers are neighbors they don’t see each other that much.
They HATED each other so much. But there was one thing they had incomin. They loves to hunt. One farmer has a black dog and he walks with his dog to the forest. But the other takes his very tall car.
Well the two farmers decided to go hunting on the same day without knowing it.While they were walking down the rode they happened to see each other. They both started to curse at each other and yell. The Balck dog obvisouly took his owners side and started to bark visously at the other farmer. “, Shut up you mangy mut!” yelled the other farmer” Shut up!” ” My dog will bark when ever he wants to you old hag!” yelled the owner. ” Oh really” said the farmer.
The farmer then reached for his gun and shot the owner. As the dog saw his owner fall to the ground he started to bark even louder and show his sharp teeth!
The farmer said ” He can bark all he wants huh, well i’ll fix that!” The farmer now shot the dog and happily saw it dieing beside it’s owner. With no regret the farmer went hunting anyway.
That night while the farmer was sleeping he heard scratching at the screen door. He opened it and saw nothing. When he went back the same thing happened. ” Faget wind!” said the farmer as he then heard barking.
He decided to ignore it but the barking drew closer and louder like when the dog was barking before he died. When he looked up from his bead he saw nothing but he started to get bit. Then scratched and soon before he new it he was dead.
That morning the police found him dead. But they found no scratch marks or anything. All they found were big,huge puffs of black fur covered over him.