the boogie man

They say hes just a myth,
They say hes just pretend,
But their LIARS!
Cause ive seen him, ive seen the boogie man…

He knows when you are sleeping,
He knows when your in fear,
and when you look in your closet,
even though you dont see him…..hes there!

He waits until you fall asleep,
then he creeps out from under the bed,
he sees you sleeping peacefully,
then he cuts open your head!

He starts to drink the crimson blood,
dripping from your skull,
he eats up all your organs,
until his stomaches full.

Mommy and Daddy just got home,
he rushes back under the bed,
as they come up to check on you,
they find you lying there, dead.

So thats the story of the boogie man,
and believe me, this stories true,
so be careful when you fall asleep tonight,
because the boogie man, is watching you!

By insertnamehere