The Bounded Arteries

Comments of bitter indecisions
Hell has many crossroads
Time corrupts the beauty of innocent beginnings
Full bloom fades to rotted beauty
Seasons slow and fade, as does blind understanding
Pain and mistrust are tainted beginnings of a peaceful end
Torn in half by these angles an demons alike
Futile attemps in vain for the pursuit of happiness
A generation eroded by the clock of the inevitable
Answers buried in the devices of centuries past.
Abandon the suffocating confines of this mockery of reality and all its burdens
Distant memories of long forgotten peace
Simplicity of innocence is the foundation of misery
Bask in the brief escapes from a turmoiled exitence
Find comfort in the arms of familiar nonconformity
Truth is found through trials and errors of blind faith
Hearts entrusted by an unsecured promise of a better tomorrow
The inferno blazes from the beliefs of hypocrites
A silence shattered from the cries of the unforsaken
The blessings of solitude are of scrarce precious nature
Crush the fragile boundaryof life and all after
Fierce individuality thrust upon an ignorant population
These contimplations forced upon an unwilling mind
Seek not the minds view of happiness
Disapointment awaits with unmerciful intentions
Look,still, to the horizon to the unknown and all its holds