~The Break-Up~

This was way too hard
I thought it was going to be easy
You don’t get the concept…
A break up means the relationship is over.
There’s no going back
I’ve made up my mind
No amount of begging will change my decision
This had been a thought in my mind for longer than you’ll ever know
Most of the rumors were right; it just won’t be admitted…
You should’ve believed your friends; you’ve known them longer
And yet, you insist on bugging me about it…
No, it’s not because you’re a jerk, which you are
It’s not because you treated me like shit, which I’m not
It’s not because you ignored me, which you did
It’s ONLY because I just don’t care about you like I used too.
Will we get back together eventually?
Probably not
Don’t raise your spirits
Don’t get your hopes up…
It’s not happening