The broken man..

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Come one, come all and see the broken man..
Talking to himself..
He sits alone and waits for sweet release
He’ll never find it here..

The people touch his hair, touch his cheeks..
But he can’t even feel it..
He hears the bitter laughter and feels the cold stares..
All he wants to know is “why do I even matter… I can’t take this anymore”
He shakes at night because his love destroyed him..
Every muscle hurts..
Come on come all and see what’s happened..
He shakes and holds back tears of sorrow..
Drops of blood stream down tear stained cheeks
He chokes back cries of agony
Skin separated by steel, letting loose the flow of blood.
People walk by and stare, never say a word..
All he wants to know is why..
His body lays a bleeding heap..
His face submerged in a puddle of blood
He coughs up blood and wonders why..
“Why did I deserve this…”
Come one, come all and see what’s happened..
The broken man is me..
Now I dissapear.
I can’t find my way from out of here..
Everything is fading from my mind..
Someone tell me why..

In case some of you are familiar with stone sour.. Some of the lines are from them… I was writing to keep myself calm and I was getting really aggrivated with not being able to finish it.. So I borrowed a few lines.. The song is called “Inhale”.. I usually hate borrowing lyrics but I was having a block and needed to finish this..
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By Seed Of Death

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