the bullet of love

He worshiped her and all she could do is ignore it. In his heart she had created a hole. He was close to her yet he was to far, and as he stands there on the brink of suiside he tries to remember a happy time. He cocks the gun and not even sheading a tear to prepare him for the abbyss. He slides in the bullet into the chamber which he has saved for this moment. Soon the pain will be gone. Soon the depression will be gone. He closes the chamber to the gun. He brings the barrel up and aims the gun under his chin. He starts to pull the trigger preparing himself for death. He closes his eyes. There is no more pain, but the bang never came. A small hand has apeared on the hammer of the gun. He opens his eyes and looks at the person who has interupeted him. It was his goddess. She too had a hole in her heart for him and she too worshiped him.
” Not today ” she whispers softly in his ear. Her delicate hand puts the saftey catch on, on the gun and puts it on a table. She lowers the gun from and kisses him passionatly. She silently unbuttons his shirt and starts to kiss his body.
” I thought ” he starts but she silences him. He is hesitant but she places his hand on her breast. She kisses him again. He removes his hand then her top. He moves his hands round the back of her bra trying to let loose her breasts. He finally does it and she is gratefull. He bends his head and kisses her beautiful breasts and then her forhead. She unbuttons his trouses as he unzips her skirt. They kiss again. He lay’s her on the floor and pulls her panties off. She tells him to remove his boxers and he does so. Then she commands him to enter her. As he does so she lets out a gasp and shudders. She knocks the table as he starts making the rythmical thrusts. The gun falls off and hits the ground shooting its deadly poison. There is a pause and then silence. He looks into her eyes there was the look of pleasure but no life. He starts to break down as a pool of blood starts to emerge from her head. He starts crying. “No no this can’t happen” he cries to himself. He pulls out of her and then picks up her body and walks to the open window. He looks down from his flat and jumps. As he falls with the her limp body in his arms he knows that she will be with him forever even in death.