The Candle

In May i was assualted by a lil homey with a chain because i was a “faggot”. He mistook me for gay because i was wearing black clothes and i had black fingernail polish on. I didnt fight back even though i knew i could kick his ass because he had two other peole with him. Last month i got revenge by doing a candle spell on him that would make him break out in boils for three days. Only the curse went wrong and i gave him a permament skin disease not meaning to. I have used this curse before on people and that never happened but as i was doing the spell i was filled with more rage than i have ever been filled with before. I believe this is the reason for the skin problem. Should i feel bad for doing this to him or be glad that i gave him scars like he gave me? please answer…

By The Evil Cheezman

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