The Child Fate

I wonder
Even in the greatest times in my life-
Why am I hurting?
Why must my past come up to haunt something so sweet that I finally hold?
What the hell is Fate trying to prove?
I already know it hates me.
I already know I’m living out a punishment for sins of the past.
So why does Fate seek to take away every ounce of happiness I might have?
So unfair-all of it!
That horrid child who plays with our heads lacks caring for anything but its own entertainment.
Lacks the sense to know that as it laughs, its source of entertainment is drying up-dying.
While many believe that it is a generous loving spirit, I know better.
I have seen the worst of this animal.
I know it feeds off pain. I am a great food source.

By Sorrow Symphony

I am truly in need of healing. But I doubt that will come. More later.