The Children of the Abyss

Again the light shines no more. And so once again the fountains will fill with the watery blood of the fallen ones. With a divine vigor, we wallow in the infinite warmth of immortality. Plumes of fire thrust from the ground as skin slides upon skin in a serpentine orgy of lust and debauchery. Black kisses of sadistic intent sting the lips while poisoning the tongue. Flesh enters the flesh, thrust forth with animal intensity as the seeds of eternal darkness are sown in the unholy fields of sin. Wind and storm rise forth in a whipping frenzy of rage, signaling a new era. Leathery wings unfold, and the air becomes thick with the starving children of the abyss.

By corvus

I am a dark sound/noise artist,I draw paint,write,walk in the dark and in the rain,forage for junk to build all of my instruments out of,I like to surround myself with sound,skulls and bones, fire,smoke,darkness,chaosand lust

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