The cold robbots of mechanical love

There´s a thought that always come to my mind when I tell my girlfriend that I love her. I think about the future, the people and the feelings. I´m so afraid that we all become just egocentric machines with a mechanical love. I think it probably won´t happen… but people are getting so cold and distant from each other. The greatest value and the greatest institution of the world used to be the family, and now, it´s the work. People have stopped caring about each other, they´ve stopped taking care of each other, they´ve become selfish – I think that happens a lot because of the Capitalist system that brings ambition and perfectionism, and I think it´s normal to have it. The violence, the misery, the racism, the discrimination… all of those horrible things have become normal, it´s a part of everyone´s life. The problem is that the society forgets that those who have been forsaken are also human beings, and they have the same value that anyone in the world. The society forgets it because it´s not important anymore. The own will, the own desire, the own needs of each person always come first. In such an egocentric small world of their own, people forget to love. They don´t even have time for it. Love has become a secondary thought. And that´s not the way it should be.

Robots programmed to say “I love you” to the other robot – that was programmed to date the first one. You ask one of them why they say “I love you” to each other and he answers: “That´s what a boyfriend should say to his girlfriend.” You ask him why they´re dating and he answers: “Because she is pretty and she makes me laugh and she goes to bed with me and she kisses me and she is always there for me.”. We may not be robbots but it´s exactly what happens.
“I love you” has being told to boyfriends and girlfriends… and not to the person we love. People can´t realise how important and precious those words are, they simply don´t feel anymore, is an automatic thing.
People kiss each other because they like kissing, they date because they wanna have a boyfriend, they want someone to be there for them all the time, and not because they love someone.
Love is becoming what sex becomed: pure personal satisfaction. Sex and kissing may be about having fun and sometimes it´s good that way, the problem is that people are doing it with coldness for self-pleasure.

I think not having anyone to love is sad… as well as not being loved by anyone…
But more than that, i´m deadly afraid of not being able to feel.

(Sorry again for my terrible english… be patient with brazilian girls)

By DeadPornDoll

I am the purple dead doll from the bondage SMporn movies that you watch at night... Your housekeeper wife cannot get knowing, but i feel your orgasms, they´re as intense as my pain. I can see your sick necrophily, all your obscure thoughts. And I know how much you love it.