Did you enjoy the film THE CONJURING? A lot of people did, so many so that sequel was approved after the box office receipts for that opening weekend came rolling in, as was a spin-off project, the lackluster ANNABEL, based on the possessed doll featured in the early scenes of the film. I liked THE CONJURING, myself. There was nothing wrong with it. I did find it predictable in places, but if it truly chronicled an actual occurrence, one cannot fault the scriptwriters for that, can one? Blame them because life is imitating art (or did imitate art) to the point of following a patent formula?

This summer we get to see another major motion picture inspired by an actual case (sorta) from the files of ghost hunters Ed and Lorraine Warren. The trailer for it looks good, and I would expect something similar in terms of quality to the first film. But the same question must be asked again—or WILL be asked; it doesn’t really HAVE to be—just how faithful to the true events will the film skew? And were those true events really true to begin with? There are those who have expressed doubts about the Warren’s credibility, but as your intrepid reporter has not extensively researched this subject, he chooses to remain mum. For a quick summation of the ways in which the upcoming movie will deviate from the REPORTEDLY true case that inspired it, see the article linked below. Then go see the film. You know we’re going to, anyway.

source: www.historyvshollywood.com