The continuation of the black hole

I am completely confused, numerous individuals suffer from the same constant throbing pain that lies within ones heart yet, there is no cure to end this endless torment. I have tried virtually every method that has been shown to me, such as talking to someone, seeking professional help, taking medication and writing poetry, none seem to be the proper solution.

Writing poetry does help me express myself, but the pain does not seem to decrease. I have talked to friends and yes at one point it did help, but it was only temporary. I have come to the realization that the attempts of consolatiion that provide are utterly useless. It does nothing for me anymore, so there is no point of going through and explaining all the pain and torment I suffer from.
The statement I am trying to make here is that I am sick of this black hole that never goes away. I am also tired of people giving me the same advice over and over again. ( It might seem that I am ungrateful or have an attitude, but I am in a really bad mood, and these are the times I am the most honest.)
Nothing can help, nothing works. I can not just one day attempt to have a normal life or get out of bed when I dont want to. If I did that, then that would require me to act fake and put on a front. I have tried that before and that eventually leads me to walk around like a time bomb waiting to explode .
I am hopeless and sick of my existence.
( Before everyones eyes I have gone through a stage of confustion, to annoyence, to anger, and now to self hate. )

By GirlCryingBlood

Endless sadness...