The Controlled life of an Unfree spirit.

16,the time for experimenting,the time for fun,the age of the free mind and body.This year was supposed to be mine.Yet it was crushed by my own blood,my own mother.
“Sure Shaun you can wear whatever you want,wear your individuality with pride.”But as soon as I walk out of the door with black nails I am sent to the bathroom to wash it off.

My life is controlled by a egotistical,self rightious facist.Yes I would not mind this hand I have been dealed if I had someone to talk to,a friend,a girlfriend,a dream…But of course me being the only punk/goth in the area im smashed back down to live life all alone….if only I had a friend.
Its Friday night and the carnival has come to town.”Mum can I go to the show after school?” the reply I get “Why should I let you?What have you done for the family to let me to permit you to go?” …..I dont wait long enough to respond and retreat to my only comfort,the darkness of my room.
I have been shut out from the outside world,not able to even go to town to buy a new cd,because you know ‘these bands today warp young childrens minds’ deprived of my one saving grace.
What am i too do overcoming this burdon of my life?Suicide?Maybe I should kill my mother and then kill me,enjoy the last seconds of my life.But if i was too do that,I wouldnt live long enough to enjoy the freedom.Am I doomed to suffer this unjustifiable hate forever?Hopefully I will slip away one day,undetected,just float away like a butterfly,and only come back to look over the ruins of a houshold I once belonged to.

By ProcessOfDemise

16 year old punk/goth,loves music and body modification.Hate the government.