+the corner of my eye+

i view past the corner of my eye emptiness when our lives just want to hide.. why do we want to die when people wish at times they lived our lives? i cant figure out the reason to the dampness in the corner of my eye, i cant find a reason why i want to die but i know its there i know its constant i just want it to be through, i wanna throw everything thats clear to me against the mirror and shatter all this into small fractions of empty memories.
when you think u have it all together, all clear and no regrets it all crumbles into slow tears that fall down your cheek and onto your sour lips, why do people care? what makes me something that i hate and hope to destroy someday?.. most people walk, breathe, and talk thats what most people do, they know only what they have been taught they seek no other capacities no other information, and we call these “normal” people but in fact normality is unknown for it is relative- as is everything else….
i judge myself upon other judges.. im scared of dying yet im attracted to it.. life hurts my blood and sucks it all just to spit it out, for i am no use to anyone, no use to myself, no use to this world, this i try to overcome yet i cannot.
in the corner of me eye i see lies, i see pain, i see all them cry…….
the one thing that doesnt wanna make me die, is the love for an angel who has carried me under his wing and held me up to his circle.. i wonder do i deserve such times with the angel of my life?..
the corner of my eye sees me cry, for tomorrow will not come before my last sigh… oh angel of life… forgive me for this night oh angel of life forgive me for all their lies..
rest there so silentely while i die.. rest there remeber the corner of my eye…now am i to know the truth of ur lies…
the sweetness of ur twisted mind and unforgetable life will forever impact the corner of my eye, black and white, dawn the night for i await to close the corner of my eye….