the creature i have become

As I walk into the darkness of the alley between two large apartment buildings, near the house I was disowned from and sent to live on the streets, I stare at the sky watching for the creature to come. I have only seen this creature three times before, but tonight I have a wierd feeling that I would be seeing it more often.
The first time I saw this creature I thought it was a normal person living on the streets like me, but the next time it came it was up in the darkness by one of the large statues near the roof of the apartments. i was sitting near the dumpster in the back when it dropped next to me, it was a human head ripped right off of the body soaked in oozing blood pouring from its eye sockets which the eyes had been gouged out of. Next the body fell and splattered blood all over me. As I looked up to see what had dropped it a creature leaped across to the other apartments and shattered part of the wall as it climbed to the top and over the edge of the jagged roof tiles. In the motion sencored light i could see claws from the creature. I ran to the streets to see if i could see it, when I looked up I saw the claws retract into his fingers and a man with long black hair with red stains that dripped blood to the floor as he peered down to the streets from above watching for another victim.
That night I was afraid to sleep in the alley so I stayed up untill i found a new place to stay where the creature could not get me, I stayed in the celler of a house it was hard to see but it would have to do for the night.
The next day when I woke up I went back to the alley where the body dropped it was gone but there was a stream of blood running across the ground and up the wall with holes where the creature had climbed back up to the roof while i was gone.
Tonight I have a feeling that I will encounter this creature again. Its been an hour and no sign of it yet, but wait what is that I see up in the corner of the roof… …oh no could it be the creature?? am I next to die?? it just keeps staring with a frozen gaze into my eyes I start to scream but the words wont come out of my mouth Im frozen staring into his red eyes they send a lustfull desire into my body followed by cold chills running down my spine.
Its coming down from its hiding spot, Im still frozen from its gaze i try to move my legs but they are numb from the chills that were being sent through my back and down my legs. The creature speaks softly and asks “do you believe in eternal life and creatures of the night who stalk humans as their prey to survive??”
i dont hesitate to answer my answer was “yes” he stares into my eyes and it feels like he is looking into my mind trying to find information about my past and he asks “would you like to have all your desires given to you in one simple moment??” I stare at him for a moment and think about what would happen to me, if I say yes all my dreams could come true and I will live forever or if I say no I will die, When I start to answer “ye”…he interupted “good then come with me to the roof and I shall give you everything you desire”.
I follow closely behind him , when we finally get to the top he grabs me by the arm and pulls my neck to his mouth and bites into me, iI get a soothing feeling of relief when the blood starts drainin from me, he puts out one of his claws and slits open his wrist saying “drink and become one of us a creature of darkness!!” I drink from his wrist and a feeling of me becoming a new person overcomes my numbness and I start to get a lust for blood and flesh.
The next night I kept getting a craving for blood as I saw each person a new victim walk by my shadow in the alley when I spot a speacial person my mother who had disowned me and sent me to an alley on the streets, I call to her with my mind and she hears it with her attention drawn to the alley she walks over and no one is in sight, she goes further into the alley where no one from the streets can see when I drop down and grab her throat squeezing the air out of her body I take her neck and bite into it.
With a rush of sensations dwelling through my body I feel strength rising in me as she struggles to get away from my grasp and call for help but it is too late she is dead with a simple twist and a loud popping noise from her neck she lays silently and cold on the ground in a puddle of bloodat my feet. I feel a wierd burning sensation in my back as my bones start to morph, my first stage of being a vampire is completing itself and I am getting my first dark gift the sensation burning more and more the talons start to rip out of my back and long bones with a film of silky texture spreading out around my body, I have wings,…


By soultaker

i am dan i have a girl-friend i hate most things/people except her and people i can relate to.