The Cry of the Dunpeal

Hear my cry, oh mother moon, that I may nurse at your bosom. That I may replenish my strength and not fall to the weakness of my mere mortal half.

That my near immortal soul not go punished for all eternity. Please, heavenly matriarch of mine, shine your beauty upon my wretched corpse. Engulf me in your soothing darkness, let that eternally crimson river flow through me smothering my pain in a sea of endless rapture. Take not from me, my stone heart but mold it into the shape of your loving arms that I may be forever protected and still embrace the newness of dawn. And when the sun rises and its rays scorch my skin and its blinding light pierces my eye, I shall welcome life…until then I wait. Basking in the soothing salve of your darkness. Bathing my soul in your eternal and unconditional love.