The Dark Moon

His eyes seductive,yet frightning and empty.She looks at him then glances into his eyes,he pulls her into a trance like state making her pitty and feel sorry for him,he lets her go.She looks at him in a dreamy sort of way,”what just happened to me?”

He answers with satisfaction”I don’t know.”Knowing What he just did frightened her,he could read her mind like a book,he could corrupt her if he wanted to but thats not what he wanted.He wanted more,something to feed his sexual desire.He was cursed for turning to the dark side never to show any emotions ever again no love no envy no pain or anything.everything was taken away from him when he turned into an evil sorce of the dark moon.But he needed and yearned for a sexual need and desire.He sits her down on the ground,she touches his long blonde hair,he wants her and shes slowly wanting him looking deeper into his blue hypnotic eyes.She was laying on the ground and she started to unbutton her shirt he watches her as she starts to take off her shirt in pure delight knowing hes about to get what he wanted and needed.His eyes turning yellow knowing shes frightened but yet seduced by him.He rips off his shirt,watching her lay there teasing him he takes off her bra,pants,and panties,she pulls him on top of her”touch me”she says to him.So he touches her and kisses her body with his devilish looks,she screams in terror as he thrusts in and out of her.Both of them panting and moaning.He looks up and sees the darkness of the moon no stupid prayer to the moon goddess Selene can help her now.She looks at him and with her fingernails scrapes his chest,he loves this pain she causes him he has certain needs for it,it feeds his desire.He goes into her mind to read her thoughts,he sees nothing but pure love and desire for him.No disgust or anything towards him for doing this to her he thinks to himself.He gets up,bothered by what he saw.He thinks to himself why doesnt she hate me for what im doing to her,he goes into her mind one more time and ses no boyfriends in her past.he thinks in silence her innocence I have taken from her.He walks away but before out of sight whispers something across the front of her mind”I’m sorry.”She sits there in a daze trying to figure out who he was and why he had a desire for her tonight.Trying to figure out why that had slipped across her mind.She went home to go to sleep she lays down and suddenly her balcony door slings open to her room.She runs to shut it.She notices something in the corner of her room,a dark shadow thats usually not there.”its just your imagination”the words slip across her mind as earlier tat night the words”I’m sorry.”ran across the front of her thoughts.She looks outside.Then in the corner of her room again.the shadow is still there so she lights a candle to investigate.She sees a dark figure moving around over there.Something blows out the candle and she feels the breath of another presence.

By MoonGddss

I'm 15,I live in Huntington,WV.I like to hang out have a good time or atleast I try to have a good time.I love to write and read.Thats about it.