The darker things in life

This is my poem. I thought that it might be suitable for this catagory. I hope you all enjoy.

Here is where the lost and lonesome lay,
Among the dead, mingling with the living,
Driven away by helplessness and sorrow,
Only to return as demons slowly passing us by!

The cold air surrounds us,
Strange ghostly figures suddenly appear,
Carelessly stumbling through the pitch black night,
Unaware of what they have become!

These creatures killing me softly,
Inside I burn and tare to pieces,
Awaiting my arrival at the pits of eternal damnation,
Solitude is my only resort!

Blood trickles down my body,
I am naked; torn away from my soul,
Ripped apart by the savage beasts of hatred,
Hell welcomes me willingly!

The hot burning sensations encircle my body,
Shivering I let go of reality and enter a nightmare,
And I wonder what things lurk in the blackness,
As I stare into the fiery abyss below me!

The stench of death encases me,
I am situated between the worst of evil,
Fiends follow my every move,
Torturing me slowly, and listening to my screams!

But not even my screams can save me now,
No one can see my susceptibility,
Or hear my tormented shrieks,
I am like a clump of filth, I mean nothing!

My dreams torn from my mind,
Horrendous thoughts appear in my brain,
Scorching my feelings with a cruel reminder,
That in Hell, your here for eternity!


By Swordexpert

I am 16 years old. Gothic of course. I have a huge obsession with the dead. So naturally I am linked to vampires. watch out... this bitch does BITE