The Darkness Before The Light

Dear Brothers,You have survived long, and endured harsh battles with the dragon. Soon this survival of the fittest shall be over, and the quarantine lifted.

Slaves no more brothers, I promise you. Those of you that survive the little bit of darkness left. The darkness of time.It might seem he has left you here, that this is your hell, your punishment as many lied to themselfs believing. But our father was testing for the madness, the madness that he sought to contain within himself. The madness that could have destroyed all things.The only real test that mattered was here. You survived it. You overcame the beast.You knew from the begining that this could not be justice, and you were right. You misunderstood, and in that you lied to yourselfs. So be it.But now the time when you will have proved yourself stronger than the darkness is near. The time of end is near. And I tell you brothers, it is not one to fear.I wish I could explain so much in such a simple, short paragraph, but I cannot. The confusion within you, this world, our lives, is too great to just brush away with a few words.But fear not. For a time when the dragon is slayed is near. Not Lucifer, he was one of the stars that the dragon swept to the earth. He is not the dragon.The dragon is the darkness, the emptyness that our father battled at the begining of time. The emptyness that was, in the begining, the dragon that he feared when he was alone with it in the begining. But like a light in the darkness he sought not to fear. He looked for coureage in the darkness. With his flashlight, his own flashlight, he looked for courage. He found a flashlight, and that became his courage.I wish matters did not seem so confusing, but alas, the darkness is also confusion. In this cave, that is blacker than any thing known, we do not even appear to know which way is up, or down. Our heads feel foggy, they feel weary when we try to face all the darkness at once. The darkness of our past.Fear not brothers, for you have done nothing but survive, and our father wanted nothing else of you. He wanted you to survive, and knew that it would require you behave at times like the beast that you were fighting. He expected you to fight. He hoped that you would. But now is a time that you must not lie to yourselfs, and instead seek truth.Know that this test seemed unfair. Know what you know. Know that he could never condemn you for surviving. Try not to face all those dark moments at once, for then you let the disease hit you all at once. You have battled each moment with it in the past, sometimes returning to battle again. But no matter what you THINK you have done. The only real thing that you have done is survive. As our father had hoped. As I have hoped for you.Insanity is the end. A brother whom has been overcome by the dragon, the disease, the darkness, is one that has gone insane. Not one that has survived.You have surivived nearly all of the test. You have been the part of our father that did not destroy itself. But that surivived. That did not become insane. That with your own flashlight will seek something other than oblivion. May that be to spit in his face, and test him, or to shit and piss in heaven.What ever you hold on too, will hnot matter, so much as that you hold on. I wish I could explain that you do not have his forgivness, because you never needed it. But this is hard for many of you to believe. So be it. Forgive yourselfs, and know that you did what at times seemed ok. Because to you nothing seemed to matter. This you know was a lie.In the end your survival matters. Your surviving the darkness of this insane world you must call home. Though much of you will think that you have become darkness, this is a lie too.Surely you realize where ever you point your flashlight is what you seek. And as long as you seek something in the end, you will know, and come to understand what it meant to surivive the darkness. That the light aloud you to see those things that cause you to stumble, the stumbling that has brought you near the insanity.I know that you have longed lived believing youselves to be condmened beings. But only the insanity is condemned, and as long as at the end you are not insane (like those that you know did so cross the line) you will have passed this wicked test. The test that you had to pass, before you could be called pure. Pure at the end, because you understand the darkness, and the light. You will understand why he serperated us from the dragon. For the dragon brings madness, and the madness is the dragon. For the dragon brings madness, and the madness brings oblivion to all things if it is aloud to persist. The dragon is thus oblivion.So remember brothers, that I have told you the truth. That nothing you feel you have done here matters. I tell you the truth when I say I can imagine what you have done. I do have an imagination. But I know that as long as you have surivived the dragon in the end. You will have passed the test, and will be lifted from the darkness, which have pretended to love. Love being the light (in human terms) you have tryed to say darkness is light. That the darkness is your love. When in fact you know that darkness is not love, that it is hate. It is to hate yourselves and eachother. It is to drive yourself to the madness, to the dragon, to oblivion. If you want to love the idea of pissing and shitting in the heavens, then so be it. Make that your light. Make that your love. But in the end light something. Love something, so that the dragon, the madness does not overcome you.You have learned to pass time well. And I am glad for that. You have said that you are not afraid of the darkness, and done dark things to overcome it. You have been strong. Survivers of this test. Survivors of the darkness our father has put you in. So be it. You are surivors. Who can handle his hell. The hell that is within his body. That he has contained, but that is still here for a time. For a short time left now.Contained is the dragon, the disease, the darkness. Contained here. Now you have nearly passed the test. The test is nearly over, when every cell he loves so much can be recovered. Every cell that will prove it is not fatal, that it is not overwhelmed, and has not gone insane.If you still to not believe what I tell you brothers, then do me one last favor; keep your sanity, so that when you appear befor the court (the court that will judge wether you are insane) spit on it. Show that you are not. Show it that you survived its fucking test. That the darkness, the death, the destruction, did not drive you insane. That you drove it insane. That you slayed the dragon, and surivived the beast.If you are insane, how are you to show him at that court. How are you to piss on it, when you have not the sanity to seek such a thing.I have tried my best to explain to you. I wish I could explain how to not increase the disease within you blood. But you know how to end that. Stop thinking about all the moments with the darkness, think about anything else. This about the thing that your flashlight rests upon. Even if that is pissing on him who sent you here. Think not of the oblivion the darkness that is behind you in life. Think of the future, of pissing on him if that keeps you alive. If that keeps you sane. Moving ahead in the darkness, not turning to embrace it, and become mad men. But looking for anything in the darkness, as you have learned to do. As was instinctual in you. To survive, like our father did. To overcome the darkness by moving ahead with some desire, with you light on something.Things will be clearer when the perspective is enlarged again. When you know the universe from the perspective of a star. From the perspective of the angles that you still are. The darkness and the light will be east to understand then. Persevere. Know that it is no crime to surivive. That the only crime you could have commited here was to give up. To not find some desire, some way to pass the time.I know that you fear people will see what you have done in the darkness, and think that you must have become it. But if becoming it, meant overcoming it. Then so be it. Survivors of the madness are you all.We are all part of the father. What you have done, he has done within himself. He does not condemn what he has done to survive. Survival was what this test was about, and in the end he will sacrifice only that which did not survive. It was the part of him did not survive.If you did these things, and we are he. Then he did these things as much as we. You see that there was, and still is, a conflict within him. Part of him that wants not to survive, but to destroy itself. You are not this part. You will survive. You will stop thinking of the darkness behind you and think of only what is ahead, the place that you shine your light, whatever that may be.The light is love. If you love yourself, then you will survive. You will pass the most important test that ever will be, you will show that you still love.I love you brothers. No matter what you think I will love you forever. As I am like our father, like god.The Darkness Before The LightThere was evening, then there was morning. The first day.Our father lived in darkness, before he lived in light.The Darkness Before The LightThere was evening, before morning. That was the first day.There was the emptyness before a desire for something. And our father did not desire the emptyness, just as none of you do.-Your big brother Michael

By The Evil Cheezman

Purveyor of sacred truths and purloined letters; literary acrobat; spiritual godson of Edgar Allan Poe, P.T. Barnum, and Ed Wood; WAYNE MILLER is the head architect of EVIL CHEEZ PRODUCTIONS, serving up the finest in entertainment and edification for the stage, the page, and the twain screens, silver and computer. He is the axe-murderer who once met Andy Griffith.


  1. The darkness reminds me of a very old story about a man in the lake. We take so much time to bail out the monster to look it in the face, but eventually we find we are happier with it at the bottom of the lake. One day we all stop chasing demons one way or another.

  2. is it just me or did he just say the same thing over and over again but i wont critizice you for it cause we all make mistake’s well i am going to leave know good bye ok bye bye no not again stop it bye he made me bye do bye it damnit bye shit i just bye keep bye wrighting bye the same thing over and bye over agabyein

    thank you for you bye time


    no hard feeling’s just a joke 🙂

  3. And what was the inspiration for this lovely writing?
    May I ask, big brother Michael?

    You’re welcome. (for the inspiration…)

  4. “Where the darkness reigns the monster will fight upon the ground, but where the light goes there will be no place to fight, for all steps upon the ground will be covered by those seeking the dragon’s haven while she flies into the sun, creating for evermore the home of dreams…”-from my journal, Dreams of a Dark Prince

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